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Does Fair Use Doctrine Interpretation jeopardize copyright holders of intellectual property?

A case was recently appealed from the Northern District Court of Georgia to the 11th Circuit Federal Court of Appeals.

If you are an author with copyrighted works in a book you might be concerned with an expansive interpretation of the “Fair Use” defense to a claim for copyright infringment.

In the 1990’s a copy service was made to pay licensing fees to authors who were copyright owners of books containing their works that were copied by a copy service who sold the compilations to students. As of June, 2013, what is now before the 11th Circuit is whether a University is safe, under the “Fair Use” Doctrine, from claims of copyright infringment by those same authors, whose works are now scanned from hardcopy books, into electronic media and stored in a data base, where students can view them, without a licensing fee being paid to the intellectual property copyright holders who authored the works. How do you think the case should come down?

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